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   11.00   DAN SAMBELL
It's all about the fun, Dan will be playing the greatest music of all time whilst chatting about
what matters to you! not forgetting requests and some fun and games for good measure.
Join Simon  every Monday for The 90's Hour, all the hits news and events from the 90's decade.  
   16.00   MATT TOULSON
Matts here to play the music that you liketo help you get through your Monday afternoon
   18.00   LEE BAKER 
   19.00   PLAYOUT SYSTEM      
 21.00  REPEATS Today's shows are repeated throughout the night from 21.00
   11.00    NIGEL MALKAEasy listening music featuring artists covering 9 decades along with local news and more music.
   14.00    NIGEL STEVENS Join Nigel every Week for a fusion of soul and jazz
   16.00   COLIN & ANNETTE 
  Colin & Annettes
  Music Set
CHR's first husband-and-wife team, bringing you easy-listening music, up-to-date
requests and features such as points to ponder (Annette gives her thoughts)
and a quiz question - with a prize
   18.00   SIMON TIDMARSH Join Simon for your latest news headlines and 5 day weather forcast, from 19.00 is an hour of chill
out relaxing music which Simon calls stressbusters
   21.00   REPEATS
Today's shows are repeated throughout the night from 21.00   
   09.00    ANDRE BREWSTER
   11.00    NIGEL MALKA
Every track has been requested by listeners giving the widest variety of music you will find anywhere
together with more music being played than you will find on any other radio station.
A must listen too.
   14.00    PLAYOUT SYSTEM        
   16.00    GARY DAVIES
Hits and misses from the last 60 years, Gary also throws in requests, dedications and quizzes.  
   17.00    JOHN O'FARRELL
Easy Listening, 60's & 70's Folk, Country & Western and music from the shows. Pretty
much across the spectrum. John also recaps on events that have happened throughout
the week plus reminisce about Coventry
   18.00    MARTA AMADO
   19.00    DOM MOTTRAM
A smorgasbord of mirth, madness and more on a Wednesday evening! Come and join me
(and the occasional guest) on an adventure!
   21.00    REPEATS Today's shows are repeated throughout the night from 21.00      
   11.00    ALKA GANDHI
Alka's Chillout Show, playing a variety of songs, Alka also includes a competition to make patients
alert and try to divert their minds from their suffering. Keep them up to date with local news,
shows (asian) and play songs of the artists, so that they feel that they have not missed out by
being in hospital.
   12.00    NUTAN DESAI
   13.00    DENISE FRANCIS
   15.00    PLAYOUT SYSTEM         
   17.30    TARA COURT
Tara's show is a mish mash of music, news stories and totally her own thoughts and ramblings. 
Tara can go off on one at times, and for this reason she has a disclaimer advising the opinions
expressed in the show are Tara's, and not CHR's or the trusts. Tara has some features as well 
including The Link.
   19.00    LEE BAKER
Join Lee every Thursday for the Beatles Sing A Long where you have to fill in the Gaps of a classic
Beatles track - Each hour a couple of Music Memory Modules - Taking a look at the forthcoming
weekend in “What’s Happening” - He’ll have the quiz “Hey I Know That Song”
- The 1 from 2, Same song two different artist –
The featured year Top 5 singles as they stood this week -  Music with a bit of history from the
 60s 70s 80s & 90s…
   21.00    REPEATS
Today's shows are repeated throughout the night from 21.00  
   06.00   PLAYOUT SYSTEM   
   10.00    MARTIN KAHAN
A look at the Local news and odd snippets of sport, plenty of music from the 50's and 60's as well
as local bands and information
The best of Asian music, Religious music for all religions in hindi punjabi, gujrati and urdu  
   13.00    MANJ SANDHU
My show is an entertainment show where I'll be talking about the latest Celebrity and sports
news, and more. So be sure to tune in.
   14.30    ASHLEY HARRIS
   16.00    GARY DAVIES
Totally 1960's, Gary reflects on the 60's decade with a look back at the decades top 20's,
memories and events.
Contact the studio and join in with conversations about your childhood memories of
growing up in Coventry.
   17.00    PLAYOUT SYSTEM    
   18.00    ANDREW COLBY
   20.00    PLAYOUT SYSTEM         
   21.00    REPEATS
Today's shows are repeated throughout the night from 21.00  
   06.00   PLAYOUT SYSTEM   
   08.00    SAT DHAIWAL
A mix of interviews, chat and great music to kick start your weekend.  
   09.00    PLAYOUT SYSTEM    
   10.00    NEIL WILKES
Neil plays a wide range of music. We have the local, national and international news headlines,
sport and weather at 10.30 and 11.30. plus Neil has a mini exam question [questions taken
from tests completed by primary school children] Can you get it right? [I couldn't] other features
include the talking point -  discussing the big issues facing Coventry & Warwickshire, The mini
POV. Plus live chat with a mixture of guests to kick start your weekend.
Join Colin for a range of popular music including requests, dedications, competitions and loads
of information.
   15.00    PLAYOUT SYSTEM    
   17.30    ALOKA SUDIWALA
Join Aloka for for a range of old and new Asian music, with some news about Asian and Bollywood
cinema, thought of the day, jokes and also playing any requests that come through to the studio.
   19.00    PLAYOUT SYSTEM    
Join Hughie for 3 decades of oldies, 60's, 70's, 80's. Hughie plays some well known hits, some
lesser known and some turntable hits, those are the ones that got airplay but no chart placings.
   21.00    REPEATS Today's shows are repeated throughout the night from 21.00  
   06.00   PLAYOUT SYSTEM         
   08.00    GERARD BURTON
The biggest and best selling single and album from a random year, My show is called one
moment in time where you guess the year that I'm playing from.
Darrens show is a soul theme but with enough requests I'm happy to play other  genres of music.  
   11.00    NIGEL MALKA
Sunday Songs with its focus on a variety of modern and tradition Christians music.  
   12.00    PLAYOUT SYSTEM    
   13.00    DAN BURTON
Join Dan for a mixture of Music, topical news and current events.
   15.00    PLAYOUT SYSTEM    
   16.00    ASHLEY HARRIS
   18.00    NIGEL MALKA
Nigel's back with another hour of Sunday Evening Songs
   19.00    KEN CUPID
Relax on a Sunday evening with Ken and 2 hours of gospel music
   21.00    REPEATS Today's shows are repeated throughout the night from 21.00  
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